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Valentines and Stroller Rides.

valentine collage

Baby celebrated his first Valentine’s Day this week! And now we can buy those cheesy gifts like coffee mugs that say “World’s Greatest Dad.” Which is exactly what dad got. It has pictures of dad and baby on it and he said he loved it. Mommy got two bags of chocolates and a gift certificate for a massage— two things she desperately needed.

We had fun on Valentine’s morning posing for pictures in Cooper’s room. Of course I had to buy a commemorative outfit for his first real holiday. Retailers are going to love the fact that I have a child now. The little red Valentine bear was a Christmas gift from great-grandma.


It was warm enough Thursday afternoon to go outside, so we loaded up the stroller and the diaper bag and headed downtown. First stop, the bank. Baby needs a savings account since dad said he’s on his own for college someday. I used to work at the bank, and lots of people I worked with are still there, so baby got lots of attention before he got fussy.

Next stop, the bar. Let me tell you, it feels really weird to push a baby stroller into a bar. I can only imagine what people walking or driving by must think. I feel like I should wear a sign that says “it’s okay, daddy works here” so they’ll understand. Baby met bartender John for the first time and then we went home. Where baby refused to nap or sleep yet again. That’s a story for another day.

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