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Wade Bowen at the Beaumont Club

A few weeks ago, our friend and concert buddy David invited us to go see Wade Bowen at the Beaumont Club in Kansas City. Under normal (non-pregnant) circumstances, this concert would have already been on our calendar and tickets would have been purchased. These days, I never know how I’m going to feel from one day to the next, but since we really wanted to go, I decided to suck it up and commit.

So glad we did! David had scored VIP treatment at the concert, which included free tickets, a short visit with the band on their bus before the show and backstage access during the show. This band is one of my favorites— a great mix of country, rock and good songwriting. Highly recommend listening to them.

Me, Dave, Wade Bowen & David on the bus

Fun fact: people always remember Dave. Both Wade and their merchandise guy remembered him from the last time they played in Lawrence— they apparently came to the bar after the show. That’s not unusual, since many of our favorite bands’ members make their way down there. The bar’s kind of become an unofficial pre- and post-show party place.

This concert also has the distinction of being the pickle’s first concert. Not the first one he’s attended— that would be Jimmy Buffett way back in April, before anyone besides us knew he existed. But I think this is the first one that the little guy could actually hear. I think he liked it.

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