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Water Baby.

I think we have a little fish on our hands.

Cooper got his first taste of the pool last night with daddy, in preparation for today’s Aquababy class. Decked out in a swim diaper and one of the gazillion pairs of swim trunks he has (all of which will come in handy this summer, for sure), he tried out his new inflatable turtle. He LOVED it. Of course, I think all he really wanted to do was eat the turtle.

Here’s a few of my favorite pictures:

cooper in the pool

(I used the Camera Awesome iPhone app— my favorite!— to take the pictures, and then I played with a new app, Instaframe, to add the frame, put the pictures in a collage and add a filter. Instaframe has quite a few free options and even more options if you upgrade to the paid app. I might do it.)

Today’s big adventure was Aquababy, a “mommy and me” exercise class at the indoor pool. Some of our friends and their babies were in the class, and not just mommies— dads were there too. We walked, hopped and jogged around the pool holding our babies, which probably looked silly to anyone watching. When your kid weighs nearly 20 pounds, it’s decent exercise.

At one point as we were bobbing from one end of the pool to the other, he twisted around so he could splash his hands in the water. He almost took a dive right out of my arms and into the water.

Even daycare gets into the water action. Every Thursday is water activity day in the infant room, and the babies get to splash around in tubs with a few inches of water. The teachers told me that Cooper loved it more than the rest of the babies.

I foresee a whole lot of pool time this summer.


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