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Wearing my ring again.

Today was a big day: I put my wedding ring back on for the first time in eighteen months.

Back when I was pregnant, one of my only pregnancy “symptoms,” aside from the obvious belly and an aversion to Mexican food, was the swelling. It started early and lasted most of the pregnancy. My feet were huge (more than one person was taken aback when they glanced at my ankles) and the swelling in my hands caused carpal tunnel.

My wedding ring was getting tighter, so I decided to take it off before it was stuck. I had horrible visions of my pretty ring having to be cut off of my finger. ring

After the baby was born, my feet shrunk back down to their regular size, but I couldn’t get my ring past the knuckle.

I left the ring on the bathroom counter and tried every few weeks with no luck. Finally, I gave up and put it in my jewelry box, and just recently had planned to have it resized soon.

This morning, I noticed the ring while I was getting dressed for work.

I grabbed it and slipped it on my finger- and it finally slid past my knuckle.


2 Responses to “Wearing my ring again.”

  1. Megan H says:

    Hooray! I would be excited, too! My wedding ring is also temperamental…one day it fits, the next it doesn’t. The number of times I’ve muttered, “If you weren’t so pretty, it’d be the toilet bowl for you…”

    • Debbi says:

      Ha! I’m excited to wear it again, because I love it…but we aren’t huge “ring people.” My husband hardly ever wears his- he’s either working with tools, or tending bar, and neither is particularly safe with a ring on. That, and I told him to leave it at home when he works so he’ll make more money in tips! :)

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