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For years I’ve talked about creating my own blog. I’ve blogged for my husband’s bar since 2006, averaging 4-5 posts every week about all the fun and exciting things that happen at a landlocked beach bar with cheesy decor on the walls.

While that blog keeps me busy, I often want to write about something that doesn’t quite fit there. Like a fun event coming up in town, or my opinion on the latest social media fad, or the concert we went to last night, or my dog.

Throughout the fifteen years I’ve dated and been married to a bartender, I’ve been asked by lots of other girls how to manage a relationship with someone who not only works opposite hours, but who has drunk and flirty females hanging around all the time. I have lots of advice to give on that subject.

I finally decided to quit stressing over a blog name and design and all the other stuff, and just do it.

So, here we are.

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